ARTSHO is an initiative of Spokehub Ltd. You can follow our adventures on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


ARTSHO is an event series, created by a global network of thinkers and makers, who collaborate around a theme and invite local participation in a new city each year. Our aim is to bring diverse disciplines and perspectives together around the artistic process, to spark conversations, ideas and new ways of thinking. All artworks produced are also auctioned and the money donated to charitable causes close to our hearts.

The project was started by a small group of friends in Brooklyn in 2009. Here's our original poster (that's Saleem's dad holding the sign). Since then we have repeated and evolved the concept of art as a platform for social change, in New York (2009), London (2011), Berlin (2012), Budapest (2013) and Istanbul (2014).

In 2014, ARTSHO founder Onika Simon moved to Berlin and started Spokehub, a disruptive design network that leverages art practice for design innovation. All future iterations of ARTSHO will be managed under this new company - so email if you'd like to find out more.